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The main window is separated into several pages.
Each page represents a Tcl script (see 'Main and additional modules').

At the bottom of the window there is a status bar with some informations.

From left to right :
- Short help text (e.g. selected menu entry) or file/directory informations for the file/directory at the mouse position.
- Number of subprocesses currently running (see the 'balloon help'). Starting with V 0.93 a new window with a list of all currently running subprocesses will open when pressing the left mouse button on the frame.
- A button to turn on/off auto rescan.
- A button to turn on/off show hidden files.
- A button to open a calendar (and to display the current date).
- Display the current time.
- Display the current version (open the 'About' window).

Last update : 04-Apr-2010 by Stefan Euler
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