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1. Main modules (necessary to run EU-Commander) :
'Files' for file/directory operations
'Favorites' to manage aliases for different directories
'Mime' to manage applications for different file extensions
2. Additional modules (included in the package) :
'Picture' to view/edit pictures
'Text' to view/edit texts
'Journal' to document the actions
'Help' to display a short help summary
'Release' to display the release notes
'Contacts' to manage addressbooks (in VCF format)
'Note' to display user defined notes with priorities/categories/due date

3. Additional modules which are not included (just examples we use at work) :
'Time Track' Time tracker for the working time
'KDB' we call it 'Knowledge DataBase', to document tips'n'tricks for our daily work
'Envideo Edit' a frontend for a script based program to create/edit small videos
'Fluent-Submit' to submit simulation runs on a large computer cluster
'Migrate' a frontend to manage data backups
'Plotit' to show large number lists as curves (realized with the 'plotchart' package)

!! NOTE !!

All additional modules are placed in the 'addons' subdirectory.
There is a subdirectory within the 'addons' directory called 'template'.
Here you can find a Tcl script ('empty.tcl') to create new modules.
It's easy to get access to the selected files/directories within your own scripts.
(Please read the header of this file when creating a new module).

Last update : 04-Apr-2010 by Stefan Euler
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