General notes (hints)

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EU-Commander on USB stick :
Standard Tcl/Tk installation on a Windows PC and the EU-Commander on memory stick.
Included are all the required packages within the subdirectory 'packages'.

Minimum installation of EU-Commander.
There are four required files you need to start the program :
1. 'eu-comm.tcl' (Main)
2. 'files.tcl' (All file/directory operations)
3. 'favorite.tcl' (Manage the favorite directories)
4. 'mime.tcl' (Manage the extension <-> application relations)

That's it. The 'addons' directory and the additional programs 'calendar.tcl' and 'icon_select.tcl' are not necessary for general operations with the EU-Commander.

Applications icons size.
see 'Configure->Applications->Icon size'.
The icons will not be scaled !
They are just cropped to the selected size.
You have to have icons of the desired size !

Last update : 21-May-2008 by Stefan Euler
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