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There are several ways to navigate through the directory structure :

(1) :
On the left side of the directory name you can open a list of the previously visited directories.
(2) :
On the right side you can open a list of favorite directories (see 'Favorites').
(3) :
To the right of this button you can jump with '..' to the parent directory.

With the cursor keys (left/right) you can navigate through the directory history (each frame has a separate history list).

And of course you can use the 'directory tree' (when displayed).

If you want to go directly to a parent directory :

1. You can press '..' several times.
2. You can edit the directory string.
3. Hold the 'Shift' key and select the target within the directory name by pressing the left mouse button.
(e.g. the current directory is '/main/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4', but you want to go to '/main/dir1' => press and hold the 'Shift' key and select 'dir1' with the left mouse button.
You will change to the directory '/main/dir1'.

How to add the current directory to the favorites list :

1. Press the right mouse button over the favorites list icon (2) to open a dialog.
2. Enter an alias (short name) for the directory.
3. The new entry will be displayed in the favorites list (page 'Favorites').

Last update : 22-Jun-2008 by Stefan Euler
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