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With the 'Directory tree' you get an overview of the whole directory structure.
To open/close a subdirectory tree use the '+'/'-' symbol in front of the folder icon.
Change to a specific directory :
Doublepress MB1 on the folder icon or directory name to change to this directory in the active files frame.
When you hold the 'Shift' key and doublepress MB1 you will change to this directory in the nonactive files frame.

You can use the buttons at the bottom of the 'Directory tree' frame to change the view or to reread the whole structure.
Open whole tree :
Opens the complete directory structure with all subdirectories.
Close whole tree :
Close all subdirectories except for the active directory (diplayed in the active files frame).
Update tree :
Maybe some activities do not update the directory tree.
With this button you can reread the active directory structure.
Note !
'Open whole tree' may take some time (to read all subdirectories).
So be 'careful' with this function.

Last update : 14-Feb-2008 by Stefan Euler
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